Andrews Dream Big Assist Fund is a non-profit organization to encourage public participation in healthy physical activity. Our goal is to support health promotion through physical activity engagement for children, youth, emerging adults, and older adults of all skill and ability levels.  

There are so many amazing people out there that for one reason or another are not able to access opportunities for all kinds of physical activity. Together, help ease barriers, increase access, be active and provide opportunites for others to be active. "I had a dream and I think that really helped me get through my younger years to have that dream, and to have something to shoot for." Allan Andrews

Live Active in Your Neighbourhood 
by Dr. Emily Bremer, Canada Research Chair in Healthy Inclusive Communities, is available.

You are invited to join the Live Active in Your Neighbourhood Webinar Series. Check back for dates.

Andrews Dream Big Assist Fund is the trade name of Andrews Island Alliance and is governed by its Board of Directors.